City of Macomb


(309) 833-2575


232 E Jackson, Macomb, IL 61455, USA

Welcome to Macomb, the home of Western Illinois University. You will find that Macomb is a diverse community with an interesting blend of agriculture, industry, service, retail, education and culture. We would like to think that we have the best of all worlds in Macomb. You can visit a wonderfully rural Farmers Market and experience the excitement of a major university community, all supported by strong aggressive industries, a progressive medical community, a broad and varied retail service sector, and an abundance of cultural events and talent.

Located in the west central part of the state and directly in the center of McDonough County, Macomb serves as the county seat and has assumed the position of the regional center for the area, by providing not only retail and manufacturing opportunities, but also by providing health care, entertainment and cultural services as well.

Please feel free to contact the mayor’s office or any of the other offices or staff listed on website above. We hope you you’ll remember to, Make It Macomb!