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2 West Side Courthouse Square Macomb IL 61455

People rave about Chubby’s Beer Battered Mushrooms, fried Pickle Spears, Macaroni Bites and to-die-for loaded Tater Tot Nachos not to mention their mouth watering shrimp Po’Boy tacos, crisp wraps and salads, homemade Pot Roast, and they’re take on the regional favorite Horseshoe sandwich. What’s a Horseshoe? Only the most delicious open-faced sandwich ever! Starting with thick-sliced toasted bread, it’s stacked with your choice of meat, French fries (in Chubby’s version, tater tots) and then smothered in rich cheese sauce.  Hungry yet? We’ll meet you Chubby’s.

Now featuring a brand new Keto Korner menu!